Small Scale Solar Concentrator Unveiled

Canadian-based Solar Hydrogen Energy Corporation (SHEC) unveiled its advanced solar concentrator technology which the company said intensifies sunlight 5,000 times using a system of concentrating mirrors.

Saskatoon, Canada – June 13, 2003 [] The company has been working on large scale solar concentrator technology for the last several years and now they say they have been able to engineer the final cost with this unit to less than one third of that of competing systems on the market today. “This cost advantage makes solar collection economically viable and competitive with fossil fuels,” said Tom Beck, President and C.E.O of the SHEC labs. “We expect to lower the cost even further in the years ahead, making renewable energy much less expensive than fossil fuels.” SHEC has been applying proprietary manufacturing processes to duplicate this price advantage on a small scale. It is difficult to get the same economies of scale when manufacturing a smaller unit, however they are coming closer to achieving this goal, according to Beck. Even on a small scale the SHEC’s new unit can concentrate sunlight to a very high level and efficiently collect it in an optical receiver. “This heat energy is then removed and applied to a useful purpose, if not removed, this energy can melt steel in seconds,” Beck said. The unit is akin to a smaller version of the Dish Sterling solar concentrators undergoing testing through the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Applications include heating, even in extremely cold climates, water distillation, air conditioning, electrical power generation, hydrogen production and a host of other applications. SHEC Solar collection systems are projected to reach commercialization in 2004 with a new manufacturing facility currently being designed. To view a video and images of this unit, click on the link below
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