Sixtron Signs Deal for Silane-free PV Cell System

Sixtron Advanced Materials announced one of the world’s three largest suppliers of turn-key solar cell manufacturing lines signed a multiple unit purchase order for its SunBox system. Sixtron, which did not disclose the name of the company, said that it will work closely with its new partner to ensure the SunBox is “plug & play” compatible with all existing and future crystalline silicon (c-Si) photovoltaic cell manufacturing lines.

The Sixtron SunBox operates alongside the PECVD system on a solar cell manufacturing line to deposit anti-reflective coatings and backside passivation layers on c-Si solar cells, which ensures maximum sunlight absorption and conversion efficiency. The SunBox is designed to integrate with industry standard PECVD equipment while offering new anti-reflective and backside passivation coatings for c-Si cells, with efficiencies on par with cells made with silane systems.

“Formalizing our relationship with one of the industry’s major turnkey line providers marks an important milestone for Sixtron,” said Zbigniew Barwicz, CEO of Sixtron. “This is a confirmation by one of the technical leaders in the market that Sixtron’s silane- free solution can lead to lower overall system costs and reduced risk associated with unplanned downtime and production disruptions.”

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