Six Degrees of Seperation: How is Bill Murray Connected to Solar Power?

Are you an avid Bill Murray fan? Do you think you know all there is about the famed celebrity who has starred in movies such as Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day, and more? Bill Murray is an outgoing comedian and actor that steals the limelight wherever he goes.

Many people only know Bill Murray for his eccentric personality and long list of Hollywood box office hits. But, did you know that he’s connected to solar? Using the theory of six degrees of separation we can prove that Bill Murray is linked to solar.

Six degrees of separation is the theory that suggests that everyone and everything is connected in six or less steps. The popular game “Six degrees of Kevin Bacon” is centered around Bacon’s statement made in 1994 that he is “connected to everyone in Hollywood.” This infamous quote birthed the idea that in fact Bacon is the center of the Hollywood universe (although according to Buzzfeed it’s Dennis Hopper), and also suggests that everyone is linked regardless of status, celebrity, or career field.

How Bill Murray is Connected to Solar Power

  1. Solar energy is the smartest way to power your home.
  2. Palmetto Solar designs, sells, and installs residential solar power systems.
  3. Palmetto Solar sponsors the Charleston RiverDogs. Palmetto Solar’s logo and website are prominently displayed across the visitor’s field dugout at “The Joe”. Palmetto Solar’s logo and website are also easily found on the RiverDogs’s homepage and the Palmetto Solar team can often be found in the stands supporting the local baseball team.
  4. The RiverDogs are a minor league baseball team located in Charleston, SC.
  5. Bill Murray lives in Charleston, SC and is part owner of the RiverDogs. He frequently attends the games to show his support for the Charleston RiverDogs.
  6. And boom! There you have it! Using the theory of six degrees of separation we have successfully proven that Bill Murray is connected to solar power!

Palmetto Solar Sponsors the Charleston RiverDogs

Our sponsorship of the Charleston Riverdogs not only closely connects us to Bill Murray, but also connects us to the community, as well as the circle of celebs that Murray is connected to. Anyone looking to becoming more connected to him simply needs to install residential solar panels in their home.

Save with Solar at the Center

Bill Murray may not be the “Center of the Hollywood Universe” like Kevin Bacon, but the average person probably doesn’t care. The sun is the only center of any universe we actually care about, and solar panel users have discovered the many benefits of solar energy! Solar panels are cost effective and renewable energy sources that reliably deliver consistent energy into homes and commercial properties across the globe.

Rooftop solar panels are the most cost effective way to power your home. Solar panels work by capturing the energy emitted by the sun, and transmitting that energy into an electric current that powers your home. Residential solar panels drastically reduce the amount of energy used from your local power company, and ultimately saves you money every month on utility bills. Solar energy systems include an element that rewinds the meter on your home used by power companies. When the meter shows that less electricity has been used, you will see a direct reflection of the money you saved when you consistently receive lower monthly electric bills.

Get Connected and Go Solar

Those interested in joining the residential solar energy community—and getting more closely connected to Bill Murray through our sponsorship of the Riverdogs— should contact our team today. Start using a more energy efficient and cost-effective way to power everything within your home.

Follow Palmetto Solar on our social media channels to stay up to date on the latest solar news and updates on what we are doing within your community. We often have giveaways and contests for Charleston Riverdogs doggie dollars on our Facebook page, and if you win you could have extra cash to spend at “The Joe” and maybe even get to see Bill Murray himself at one of the games. When you go solar with Palmetto Solar, you’re just a few steps away from being connected to Bill Murray.

*Disclaimer: Bill Murray in no way endorses Palmetto Solar or any of their affiliates.


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