Sino-German solar power research institutions to carry out strategic cooperation among the powerful

National energy solar power research and development center (experimental) has signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the field of photovoltaic inverter detectsthe with German Fraunhofer Institute of Solar Energy Research Institute and Germany Mengtai Ke – Alcorn. The three parties have reached consensus in the terms of PV test and the standard settings.


The Agreement aims to strengthen the close cooperation in the PV test area, to promote the research and comparison on the standard setting and the benchmarking and mutual recognition of each laboratory.


The national energy solar power research and development center (experimental) will cooperate with relevant department and rely on the national grid company, the China Electric Power Research Institute responsible for the specific construction and day-to-day management, to Committed to addressing China’s large-scale solar power grid application of technical problems. The national energy solar power research and development center (experimental) is the authorized institution on solar power inverter grid research and the detection test. Fraunhofer Institute is one of Germany’s largest, most authoritative scientific research institutions in the photovoltaic field, the world-renowned photovoltaic research institutions, which have a very high international reputation in the field of photovoltaic detection. German Meng Taike – Alcorn is a high reputation detection services company with long history. It has provided service and technical support for the detection business in dozens of countries.


The signing of the Agreement will further strengthen the wide cooperat5ion of the Germany and China on PV inverter and related fields. It is helpful to promote the technology improvement and the perfect of function of the PV products in two countries. And it will promote the internationalization process of our country.

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