Signet Expands Capacity in India

Signet Solar has announced plans to locate a new manufacturing facility in the Sriperembudur Special Economic Zone near Chennai, India. Signet Solar’s decision to expand manufacturing capacity comes after the company has received more than $400 million in advance orders for the next three years.

Signet Solar chose to locate the site in India because of the attractive incentives offered by the Indian Government including a recently announced semiconductor policy initiative and because of the strong emerging demand for renewable energy in India. Chennai, a port city in southern India, is a growing manufacturing center with well-developed infrastructure and a large pool of engineering talent.

“We are pleased that global companies are responding to the new national policy on semiconductors,” said A. Raja Minister of Information Technology and Communications of India. “Signet Solar’s state-of-the-art photovoltaic technology will play an important role in building nano-manufacturing infrastructure in India and deliver clean energy for sustainable, environmentally friendly growth.”

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