Shell Solar Provides for 5 MW Solar Project

With strong Government support through robust feed-in tariffs, it comes as no surprise that Germany is the new home to a recently completed 5 MW solar photovoltaic (PV) project, the largest of its kind in the world.

Leipzig, Germany – September 9, 2004 [] Shell Solar, GEOSOL and WestFonds have officially opened the world’s largest grid connected PV power plant, comprised of 33,500 modules and boasting a total capacity output of 5 MW. The power generated from the solar park will be fed into the grid and will be sufficient to meet the electricity demand of about 1,800 households. The solar power station will save some 3,700 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually. Federal Minister JýrgenTrittin, Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety officially inaugurated the park. The PV power plant is situated on a former lignite-mine ash deposit in Espenhain near Leipzig, once one of the most polluted areas of Germany. The power plant is built on 21.6 hectares (ha) of land, 16 ha of which are used for the solar system and around 2 ha are dedicated to create a biotope. The modules are mounted on a specially designed wooden system of robin wood, placed in six rows, with a total of 33,500 modules. The power will be fed into the local grid operated by enviaM Mitteldeutsche Energie AG. The project was initiated and developed by GEOSOL, while Shell Solar is the photovoltaic supplier and the prime construction contractor. Westfonds controls real estate funds, and expanded its range of assets in 2004 to include funds from the renewable energy sector, with the solar park Leipziger land as first investment project. “Shell Solar has strategically been involved in the development of large-scale solar projects in Germany such as this, as we believe that these projects contribute to economies of scale, which result in increasing demand in the market for solar (PV) power,” Hans Willemsen, Executive Vice President of Shell Solar. “This project clearly demonstrates Shell’s determination and commitment to building a leading and profitable business in solar energy.”
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