Sharp Unveils Inverter for U.S. Market

The Solar Systems Division of Sharp Electronics Corporation has released the JH-3500U Sunvista inverter. Manufactured by Sharp, the Sunvista inverter offers 3500W output and is the first inverter to be released by the corporation in the U.S.

Huntington Beach, California – July 30, 2003 [] “We produced a similar model in Japan that became the standard of the Japanese solar industry,” said Ron Kenedi, General Manager of the Solar Systems Division of Sharp Electronics Corporation. “It allowed Sharp to take the number one position in Japan with 65 percent of the market share.” Kenedi said that the American inverter would be very similar to the Japanese counterpart. The Sunvista is engineered to blend power from up to three input strings and meets UL and IEEE 929 standards. “The Sunvista inverter is perfectly matched to Sharp PV modules and mounting hardware making Sharp the industry’s only manufacturer of complete residential solar energy systems,” said Kenedi. “Sharp has more than 60,000 inverters operating throughout the world. The JH3500U is also compatible with other manufacturers’ systems and is ideal for both residential and commercial applications.” According to Kenedi, architects and installers can now design systems that meet exact power requirements without compromising the appearance of the buildings’ roofs. The Sunvista inverter maintains stable power output even in extreme temperatures with its active cooling system and very high efficiency. Carrying a five-year limited warranty, the 3500W inverter can take up to three different input strings each varying by number, model and angle of modules. “Sharp is committed to making solar an energy alternative for more homeowners and businesses,” said Kenedi. “Providing a complete system enables Sharp to ensure compatibility, efficiency, easy installation and customer satisfaction making solar an easier choice for more people.” According to Kenedi, the Sunvista, manufactured in Japan, combines features that will grant the installer greater flexibility, allowing for greater ease of installation, which will in turn translate into a better deal for the homeowner. For example, a solar power LCD display monitor allows homeowners to measure their system’s impact on the environment in terms of electricity generation and CO2 reduction. “The beautiful thing about this unit is that it operates at a constant output over heat up to 40 degrees C with no change in performance,” said Kenedi. “Sharp has taken a strong Japanese technology and made it available to the American public.” To spur market growth, ensure customer satisfaction, and maintain high standards of product performance and safety, Sharp offering a comprehensive training program for licensed contractors seeking to become certified in the specification and installation of grid-connected Sharp inverters and Sunvista residential solar systems. Sharp is currently conducting training in Huntington Beach, California and will begin training in Mahwah, New Jersey later this summer. Training is also planned in Memphis, Tennessee where the company has begun initial production of solar energy products.


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