Sharp to Develop 1 GW Manufacturing Facility

Sharp Corporation has announced plans to develop a new manufacturing plant that will house the company’s production line for both Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) panels and thin film solar cells.

The thin-film solar cell plant is designed to have a production volume of around 1,000 megawatts per year. This level of production capacity is expected to maximize economies of scale and make this factory one of the largest solar cell plants in the world. Operations are slated to begin at same time as the LCD panel plant.

The so-called “manufacturing complex for the 21st century,” located in Sakai City, will incorporate relevant infrastructure and facilities, as well as attract material and production equipment manufacturers to construct plants on the same site.

In addition to infrastructure-related facilities and production equipment manufacturers, a number of leading material manufacturers such as glass substrate and color filter makers will be invited to set up plants adjacent to Sharp’s new LCD panel plant within this manufacturing complex. Shared infrastructure such as gas and electricity can provide for improved productivity. The aim is to achieve vertical integration that transcends the barriers between companies by pushing the vertically integrated business model.

Sharp is attempting to expand its business opportunities by reducing distribution costs and unifying operations, including production planning.

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