Sharp Solar Unveils 200 kW Solar Project

The big solar electric installations in California have kept on at a steady pace. Sharp Solar recently unveiled a new 200 kW photovoltaic (PV) system installation at a 50,000 sq. foot, multi-tenant office building in Santa Rosa, California. The building represents Northern California’s first “Zero Energy” commercial real estate complex.

Santa Rosa, California – April 21, 2004 [] A Zero Energy property combines state-of-the-art, energy-efficient construction with renewable energy systems such as solar, resulting in “net zero” energy consumption from the utility provider. Evaluated and designed by NorthBay Energy Services, and Atlas Pellizzari Electric, the Santa Rosa commercial solar installation features 1276, 185-watt solar panels on the roof of Pine Creek Properties located on Airway Drive. The one-story building houses a school, county administrative offices and a church. “We designed a solar energy system that will produce at least 350,000 kilowatt hours and save Pine Creek Properties over $70,000 annually – – a compelling reason for other businesses to consider clean energy alternatives,” said Paul Rosen of NorthBay Energy Services, Inc. Atlas Pellizzari Electric, of Redwood City, CA was a contractor and installed the new Sharp solar electric system, which will provide 98 percent of the building’s power. Atlas has been servicing the electrical needs of customers throughout northern California for 94 years. “Clean, reliable and efficient, solar energy is destined to become an increasingly important power source for commercial and residential properties,” said Ron Kenedi, General Manager of Sharp Electronics Solar Systems Division. “Santa Rosa’s Pine Creek Properties is a fine example of energy-efficiency, which can be achieved with today’s advanced solar power technology. And, we’re proud it’s one among a wide range of installations using solar modules that were produced at Sharp’s U.S. solar panel manufacturing plant in Memphis, TN.” The team of NorthBay Energy Services and Atlas Pellizzari Electric is in its second year of working with customers to engineer financially viable energy solutions and state-of-the-art commercial solar installations. The project was made possible by an incentive offered by Pacific Gas &Electric, which enabled Pine Creek Properties to offset the initial cost of the solar system installation. Receiving a 50 percent rebate on the total cost of the system, Pine Creek Properties estimates it will be able to recover its investment in less than five years. “Our new solar electric system will help to reduce peak power demand and conserve finite resources. We’re proud to serve as an example for other facilities that are seeking ways to reduce energy consumption, while supporting clean air and renewable energies,” said Ken Martin, owner and general partner of Pine Creek Properties.
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