Sharp Solar Modules Provide Co. with 40% of Annual Power Needs

In what is billed as the largest privately owned solar installation in Northern California, Tony’s Fine Foods in West Sacramento, a family-owned business, powers its large frozen and refrigerated food distribution warehouse using a 1.2-megawatt (MW) rooftop and ground-mounted solar electric system.

The solar system’s power, which comes from 5,782 Sharp 208 watt solar modules, is expected to generate 1.5 million kilowatt hours annually, accounting for more than 40% of Tony’s Fine Foods energy needs and reducing the company’s electric bills by $22,000 per month. Plus, with a rebate sponsored by PG&E, the initial cost of the system was reduced by half. “Using clean, renewable energy sources is a way of giving back to a community we’ve served since 1934,” said Scott Berger, owner and CFO of Tony’s Fine Foods. “But it’s also a way for us to manage energy costs — ensuring we can successfully serve our customers for years to come.” The solar electric system, which covers an area the size of three football fields, is the result of a collaboration between Sharp Solar Energy Solutions Group; Solar Development Inc. (designer and installer); Sun Link (mounting system manufacturer); SatCon (supplier of inverters); and Team Solar (electrical contractor that managed construction). “This landmark solar system is further proof that solar is no longer an alternative — it is a vital part of today’s energy solution,” said Ron Kenedi, vice president, Sharp Solar Energy Solutions Group.
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