Sharp Adds Two New Thin-Film Solar Modules

Sharp Corporation will introduce two new thin-film solar photovoltaic (PV) 90-watt modules to its commercial lineup that use stacked layers of amorphous silicon and microcrystalline silicon for a conversion efficiency rate of 8.5% — 40% higher than conventional amorphous solar cells.

The NA-901WP is intended for industrial/commercial use in international markets, and the NA-902WP is targeted at the Japanese market. The NA-901WP and NA-902WP are high-output models, delivering 90 W of power. The adoption of an Amorphous/Microcrystalline Thin-Film Tandem Cell design is achieving some of the industry’s highest levels for thin-film silicon-based solar cells currently in volume production. Compared to polycrystalline silicon solar cells intended for typical residential applications, these new cells can form the silicon raw materials into a layer only about 2 µm onto a glass substrate, which is roughly 1/100th as thick as conventional polycrystalline solar cells. The amount of silicon used is reduced, and the process is applicable to manufacturing cells with large surface areas. Sharp’s thin-film solar PV modules are covered with tempered glass for increased strength and minimum reflected surface glare. The external surface appearance is black, which is typical of thin-film solar cells. When used in combination with Sharp’s Lumiwall illuminating solar panels with built-in LEDs or with building material-integrated, transparent-type thin-film solar cells, these new modules can enable development of applications with designs.
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