Send Me Your Solar Heroes

Solar needs some heroes. I’ll get to why it’s important to have solar heroes, but just trust me for now. We need them. 

So, I’d like to ask you to nominate your solar heroes in your company or outside of your company. Groundrules: They can be anonymous nominations if you like, but I think it should be someone you personally know first hand, and not just read about in the news. I’d also like to ask that you please not nominate yourself, but rather someone who has personally inspired you in some way. Finally, to keep it completely objective, please don’t nominate anyone from Renewable Energy World or the related magazines.

Otherwise, I think the main thing about a solar hero is that they have somehow tried to help others in a solar related way.

Need examples? Here are a few general ones: ::continue::

  • A solar hero could be someone who donates solar equipment to a school or church or non-profit. Or it could be a team that donates time to an organization like or habitat for humanity.
  • Perhaps it’s a non-pro, such as a person who decides to organize their neighbors for a  collective solar purchasing program without regard to their time or expense.
  • It could be a local lawmaker or a solar business leader that works extra hours to push through solar friendly legislation that helps the entire solar industry.
  • It could be an artist or an architect that has created a fabulous solar design that made people look at solar in a new way.
  • It could be an engineer or plant manager who discovered waste, or improved production quality, or found some solution to a long standing problem instead of waiting for someone else to solve it or, worse, taking a short cut. Perhaps this innovation saved your solar business from failing.
  • It could be a solar trainer or educator who worked longer than required hours to help you pass your NABCEP exam.

Solar does have heroes. I know it does, but we just don’t know about them, and we need to know about them. We need to know about these heroes because they not only inspire us to keep doing what we’re doing in the face of this economy, but they also encourage others outside the industry.

Perhaps your hero story will somehow get picked up by the mainstream press, which will also spark some young engineer, or an entrepreneur, or a law maker to take a tough solar stand. Of course, it could inspire more people to go solar too, and that’s not only great for our industry, but I believe for the entire world.

So please write down your solar heroes in the comments section below. Be brief, but try to tell us what the solar related challenge was, and how the person(s) creatively or courageously solved that challenge. Finally, how did the action change your company or inspire or help others?

Is there a winner? Are there prizes? I wish there were. But I suspect that these people didn’t do it for a trophy or extra money anyway. In many ways, just recognizing a person out of the blue for their sacrifices and efforts is often worth more than you ever could expect. It could make the difference in your nominee having the courage to continue. In that case, your nomination can be heroic as well.

Finally, if you were encouraged by someone’s story here, please share it with others using our socialt networking tools, and also, please comment about why you felt inspired.

Thanks. As always, Unthink Solar.

Tor Valenza aka “Solar Fred” is a solar industry consultant and partner at solar referral service, You can contact him through and follow him on Twitter @SolarFred.


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Tor Valenza aka "Solar Fred" is the Chief Marketing Officer of Solar at Impress Labs, a PR, marketing and communications firm dedicated to helping solar companies reach solar customers through innovative messaging, branding, PR, and social media communications. Follow him on Twitter @SolarFred.

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