SEMI Recommendations for China’s PV Policy

Solar industry organization the SEMI PV Group has released a preliminary report containing specific recommendations for a Chinese photovoltaic (PV) policy roadmap. The report, titled “China’s Solar Future,” recommends an accelerated adoption of PV-generated electric power in China to reach the global average level of PV power generation by 2014.

Prepared by the China PV Advisory Committee, organized by the PV Group, and comprised of China PV industry and academic leaders, the report says that China faces a rapidly increasing demand for energy and has also been building a massive PV industry representing all facets of the supply chain, from polysilicon feedstock, ingots and wafers to cells and modules. However, virtually all of this PV production has been exported. 

“China is just now beginning to understand the global opportunities and implications of PV products and systems, and it is creating a massive industry PV industry representing all areas of the supply chain,” said Dan Martin, executive vice president of the SEMI PV Group. “In fact, the ramp up has been so significant that in 2007, China took the number one spot in solar cell manufacturing with a total production of over 1 GW, and in 2008, the region doubled that production.  It is important that China occupy a leading position in the demand for solar power, as well as contribute to global supply,” he added.

According to the report, even with the massive solar cell production in China, the region faces tough challenges as its PV industry grows. A key issue is the major imbalance between domestic production and domestic consumption, as 98% of China’s PV products are shipped to overseas markets. Other significant challenges include China’s lack of world-class production technology for high-purity silicon and Chinese PV industry reliance on imported technology and equipment, as well as a lack of sufficient funds for R&D.

For more on how China is tackling these and other PV problems, check out Jane Burgermeister’s recent article, China’s New Focus on Solar.

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