SEIA calls that the PV industry should cooperate with government in order to avoid trade dispute

For the suppose to respond to the preliminary result which was released by the USA to the Chinese solar power inverter products, Chinese Commerce Ministry recently decides to conduct anti-dumping investigation on the polysilicon that the US exports to China. The SEIA is disappointed about it.


The chairman of SEIa, Rhone Resch said in the claim, ‘The decision of Chinese government make the solar power  inverter dispute between China and the US further escalate. We feel disappointed about this. Whatever the results of the research are, the above research will directly bring side effect to the American polysilicon manufacturers. Meanwhile, it will threaten the ways that the Chinese solar industry uses to get the most economic and efficiency production of polysilicon.’


‘Inside the decision, we didn’t see any effort to seek common ground. The close cooperation between the solar power inverter industry and government can help to strangle the trade dispute in embryonic stage and create ways to solve the dispute.’


‘There is opinion thinking that it is too early to develop constructive dialogue. We don’t agree with this. We think we should cooperate to solve the problem as soon as possible. Any aspect of the solar industry will influence the whole industrial chain. We should start to expand cooperation immediately.’


Since the beginning that the US commerce claimed to levy double reverse tariff on Chinese solar, SEIA has calls for cooperation to solve the problem.’


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