SCHOTT Opens New Solar Receiver Production Facility

SCHOTT’s new solar receiver production facility in Mitterteich, Germany, whose opening was marked this week by SCHOTT executives, manufactures PTR 70 solar receivers that function at the center of solar thermal power plants. They are currently in use at the APS Saguaro Solar Generating Station in Arizona, the U.S.’s first solar thermal parabolic trough power plant built specifically to produce electricity since 1988.

“Receivers are a key component of the solar thermal parabolic trough power plants, which will become an important source of power in the future,” said Udo Ungeheuer, Chairman of the Board of Management of SCHOTT. SCHOTT has received orders to supply PTR 70 receivers to several solar thermal power plants currently under construction, including the 64 megawatt (MW) Nevada Solar One power plant being built near Las Vegas and a 50 MW project in the south of Spain. The Spanish power plant will be one of the first commercially operated solar thermal power plants in Europe. SCHOTT PTR 70 receivers incorporate several features that make solar thermal power more dependable and affordable, including anti-reflective glass coatings, absorptive steel coatings, and improved glass-to-metal seals. “Because they offer the highest level of efficiency and incur the lowest costs for generating power of all solar technologies, parabolic trough power plants will soon offer the potential to generate solar electricity in the world’s Sunbelt at competitive prices,” said Ungeheuer.


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