Schott Introduces Complete Commercial Solar System

Schott Applied Power Corporation (SAPC) has introduced a new addition to the SunRoof product line – the SunRoof FS – a freestanding solar electric system for flat-roof commercial scale buildings.

Rocklin, California – November 15, 2002 [] The SunRoof FS is a proprietary flat-roof system that requires no roof penetrations and no ballast. The lightweight mounting structure has a stainless steel base and is made of materials designed for long life and severe weather conditions, including winds up to 100 mph, according to the company. The open-air structure allows for air circulation and cooling beneath the modules and easy access for inspection and roof maintenance. The SunRoof FS has a 5-degree tilt angle, even on flat rooftops, which improves system performance, generating up to 4 percent more energy than a flat array. It also has increased output due to cooler operating temperatures. The SunRoof FS utilizes Xantrex’s PV series inverter and Schott’s SAPC 165 W modules, although it is adaptable to a variety of modules. The SunRoof FS comes with everything needed for installation. Available standard in 30, 45, and 100 kW sizes, the SunRoofFS can be customized to meet any energy requirements. SAPC has secured a provisional patent for the SunRoof FS design, and has full patent applications for the FS design pending before US, European, and Japanese patent authorities. “The SunRoof FS system is a huge step forward for the flat-roof, commercial-scale PV market,” said SAPC President Tom Starrs. “It combines the advantages of existing penetration-free designs with better energy performance and better roof compatibility.” “The deceptively simple design of the SunRoof FS system reflects a tremendous amount of design and testing,” said Miles Russell, SAPC’s Director of Product Development. “The new FS system reflects our commitment to innovating in ways that provide real value for our customers.” Schott Applied Power Corporation is North America’s leading photovoltaic system supplier bringing clean energy to industries, businesses, utilities, homeowners, and governments worldwide. SAPC is a subsidiary of RWE Schott Solar GmbH., a joint venture of RWE Solutions and Schott Glas.
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