Schott Energizes NextGen Demo Home

A new solar energy system in Nevada will provide builders and utilities with real-world examples of photovoltaic (PV) benefits and business opportunities.

Rocklin, California – January 15, 2003 [] Schott Applied Power Corporation’s (SAPC) SunRoof RS residential PV system will help to power the NextGen Demonstration Home showcased in the Stardust Hotel parking lot in Las Vegas, Nevada. The SunRoof RS is a working system, set up to give builders and utilities a hands-on illustration of how PV systems are installed, how they generate power and how they present new market opportunities for the construction and utility industries. The demo home, which premiered at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last week and which will be open for viewing during the Nevada Power Days (January 11-15), International Builders Show (January 21-24) and Surfaces (January 29-31) tradeshows, features the latest in connected technology, building science and energy efficient design. “SAPC’s SunRoof RS system is an excellent addition to the NextGen Demonstration Home and fits well with our commitment to install the best available components into complete, well-integrated and easily built systems,” said Paul Barnett, iShow CEO. “Builders, architects, dealers and distributors, engineers and realtors interested in solar energy systems as well as building techniques and the latest in smart appliances will all find something of value to them in this unique – and real – next generation home.” The SunRoof RS comes complete with all the PV components an installer needs, saving installation time and costs. The kit includes the SAPC-165 W PV module and the SMA Sunny Boy inverter. The nine panels installed on the NextGen Demonstration Home roof are capable of producing up to 1.25 kW of power. At an average of 6.5 sun hours, the systems will produce 8.125 kW of power per day. “For the home owner, solar power systems represent a conscientious way to contribute to the health of our environment through the generation of clean, green and Renewable Energy from the sun’s rays,” said Bob Balzar, director of energy efficiency and conservation for Nevada Power Company. “In addition, residential systems such as the SunRoof RS have the potential to help utilities meet many of the latest state regulatory and legislative demands to provide more green, renewable energy sources for the consumer.”
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