Schott Applied Power Introduces SunRoof RS

Schott Applied Power Corporation (SAPC) introduced its new residential photovoltaic system – the SunRoof RS(TM) at a release party held at the American Solar Energy Society’s Solar 2002 conference in Reno, Nevada Monday.

ROCKLIN, California – June 18, 2002 [] “This is the first of what will be many offerings in SAPC’s SunRoof product line, reflecting the company’s commitment to integrating the best available components into complete, well-integrated, and easily-installed systems,” said SAPC President Tom Starrs. The SunRoof RS incorporates UL and CEC certified SAPC-165 PV modules and SMA’s Sunny Boy 2500 Watt inverter with a combiner box, utility grade meter, wiring, racking and PV array disconnects. Included in these are UniRac racking and MultiContact connectors, ensuring a quick and clean installation. Professional installers supply only components typically carried on their truck. The high efficiency, large format SAPC-165 allows for fewer roof penetrations with high power output. An experienced professional can complete a typical SunRoof RS installation in one day. The systems will initially be sold in 2kW and 1 kW system sizes. The 2 kW system, which is made up of 18 SAPC 165 W modules, an SMA ‘Sunny Boy’ inverter and a UniRac mounting system retails for $18,750. “The SunRoof RS(TM) is the culmination of SAPC’s extensive engineering analysis, modeling and design efforts to achieve an optimized residential PV package,” said Miles Russell, Director of Product Development.” I expect the SunRoof RS to out-perform all others.”
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