SCE Launches 250-MW Solar Project

Southern California Edison (SCE) has launched one of the largest solar installations in the U.S. SCE plans to install up to 250 megawatts (MW) of advanced solar photovoltaic (PV) generating technology on 65 million square feet of roofs on Southern California commercial buildings.

This project was prompted by recent reductions in the cost of installed PV generation, according to SCE. When combined with the size of SCE’s investment, the resulting costs per unit are projected to be half that of common photovoltaic installations in California. SCE asked the CPUC for approval to install the solar cell technology during the next five years. The request estimates the total project cost will be US $875 million.

“This project will turn two square miles of unused commercial rooftops into advanced solar generating stations,” said John Bryson, Edison International’s CEO. “We hope to have the first solar rooftops in service by August. The sunlight power will be available to meet our largest challenge – peak load demands on the hottest days.”

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