Sanyo to Expand Solar Production Capacity

Sanyo Electric will increase the production of its HIT solar modules at its Nishikinohama Factory and at its Shiga Plant in order to respond the strong demand for solar cell modules in Japan. The Japanese market is expanding rapidly due to installation subsidies from the national and prefectural governments, as well as the national government’s new surplus electricity purchasing program for solar power.

Sanyo plans on almost doubling its HIT solar cell production capacity from the current level of 340 MW, to 600 MW, by March 2011.

The Nishikinohama Factory has a production capacity of 35 MW. However, through recent enhancements, the plant will achieve a capacity increase of 5 MW, bringing its production capacity to 40 MW.

The Shiga Plant now has a production capacity of 100 MW, and has been working to increase that amount by another 100 MW by March 2011. However, in order to meet strong demand in Japan, an additional capacity increase of 50 MW is being carried out through the installation of additional equipment, thereby realizing a total capacity of 250 MW.

Sanyo has two HIT solar cell production sites, the Nishikinohama Factory, and Shimane Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd. The solar cell modules, on the other hand, are produced at the two sites mentioned above and at two overseas sites in Hungary and Mexico. With the new capacity increases at the two module production sites in Japan, Sanyo said that it will be ready to meet the strong demand in the Japanese market.

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