Sanyo HIT Cells Hit 21.1% Efficiency

The New N Series HIT module, to be shipped in Europe this month, has a 18.6 percent module efficiency, gained through the use of 21.1 percent efficiency HIT cells along with a new tab design and anti-reflection coated glass, according to its manufacturer, Sanyo Component Europe GmbH.

The company adds that its new product will help users benefit from the European Feed-in Tariff scheme and will suit installations with limited space.

The module’s solar cells consist of a mono-crystalline wafer surrounded by ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers, enabling them to hit 23 percent efficiency in R&D conditions.

The new tab design features three tabs – rather than two, as in the current N series – which cuts electrical losses in the cell fingers. Thinner tabs also enlarge the effective area, according to the manufacturer.

Anti-reflection coated glass reduces reflection and scattering of light, increasing the amount that arrives at the cells – especially in the morning and evening when the sun is low in the sky.

The New N Series will be produced at Sanyo’s factory in Hungary, set to expand its capacity to 315 MW by March 2011.


New N Series

Product name



235 W


43.0 V


5.48 A


1,580 × 798 × 35mm


15.0 kg

Cell efficiency


Module efficiency








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