Sandia Labs Confirms 93 Percent Efficiency

In stand-alone tests conducted by Sandia National Laboratories, Sustainable Energy’s 5 kW power inverter demonstrated better than 93 percent power conversion efficiencies across a full power range, ranking it among the most efficient inverters at this power rating in the industry.

ALBUQERQUE, New Mexico – June 20, 2002 [] Higher power conversion efficiencies mean lower energy losses when the direct current output from an alternative energy source such as a fuel cell or solar panel is converted to alternating current required by the user. Higher efficiencies translate directly into lower energy costs, not only because there is less energy consumed, but because a smaller power supply is needed to supply a given amount of energy. Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Sandia is one of a number of U.S. Department of Energy Laboratories and is recognized as a world leader in solar photovoltaics. “Perhaps the most significant result of this testing is the demonstration of our inverter’s ability to maintain a high conversion efficiency across the full power range.” says Brent Harris, Director of Technology for Sustainable Energy. “Although competitive inverters often have high peak efficiencies, the efficiency drops off rapidly as the load increases beyond about 20 percent of full load. Full load efficiency is very important since the bulk of an inverter’s energy transfer occurs at higher power levels.” The value of this feature is that a single power inverter platform has the ability to convert the DC power output of a variety of different technologies without the need for other power conversion devices that increase cost and reduce total system efficiency and reliability. No other inverter has demonstrated this capability.
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