San Diego RFP Envisions Over One MW Solar PV

The City of San Diego is seeking a firm, or a team of firms, to provide cost effective solar photovoltaic (PV) electric generating systems at eight city sites. The city intends to enter into power purchase agreements for terms up to twenty years with solar PV developers at these sites.

Developers may also be asked to assist the city with identifying and implementing solar PV projects at other sites depending upon the success of the initial program. The city evaluated 24 facilities that appear to have potential of accommodating solar PV systems ranging in size from 30 kW to 1 MW. From this evaluation, the city selected eight specific sites for inclusion into this RFP. The estimated electric generation potential of these six sites is approximately 1.3 MW. By making a large-scale investment in solar PV systems, the city hopes to drive down unit costs for solar PV and expedite installations. The scope of services provided will also include, but not be limited to, securing all permits and approvals from governing agencies, all labor, taxes, services, and equipment necessary to produce fully operational solar PV systems at the agreed-to city facilities. The city envisions the solar PV developer owning and operating the systems after system commissioning. Proposals submitted in response to this RFP should assume developer ownership. The city will consider alternate proposals to developer ownership/power purchase agreements, however funding for turnkey projects is not available and third-party financing is not a current option. San Diego anticipates installing approximately 5 MW over the next five years. The term of the PV partnership is also anticipated to be five years. The initial term of the proposed agreement will be one year. The contract will also provide four additional – one year contract options. These will be negotiated on an annual basis based upon the previous year’s success of the partnership For more information on the RFP, see the City of San Diego, Department of Environment Services link below or to request a copy of the RFP, contact Denise Rocha at 858 492 6005.
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