San Diego Mayoral Candidate Unveils Solar Plan

These days it doesn’t seem you can go wrong supporting solar energy in California. Angling for San Diego’s Mayoral seat, San Diego Councilmember Donna Frye recently unveiled plans to make her city a new hub for solar energy developments and businesses.

She delivered this message standing at one of the largest multi-family residential solar projects in the state, the Mission Trails by KD Development, a complex with 180 units powered by solar energy. “Increasing the use of solar energy has always been one of my top priorities, and I look forward to helping make solar a major industry in our community,” said Frye. “Best of all, solar is not only a great local economic engine, but pivotal in reducing global warming emissions, minimizing air pollution, and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.” Frye said that attracting this type of business industry to San Diego would contribute to positive revenue. It also diverts the City from having to pursue less palatable options such as selling off valuable City real estate. As a side note from the Editor, San Diego is the most constrained California city in terms of bumping up against the state’s current net-metering cap. Efforts to expand the state cap to 5 percent of the state’s total electrical capacity could be included in a final version of the Million Solar Roofs Initiative, or secured separately. Frye said she would do the following to promote solar as a major source of local economic development: – Meet the adopted 50 MW renewable energy goal for the City of San Diego and set a new, higher goal once that 50 MW milestone is reached. – Create a seamless permitting process for installing solar systems. – Develop incentives to make solar energy an attractive option for all new residential and commercial building projects. – Increase the amount of solar that is installed on all new City buildings (the City currently requires a 10 percent solar installation). – Create new jobs with skilled workers that pay good wages, protect worker health and safety, and follow industry performance standards. – Recruit solar companies to move to San Diego and build facilities in San Diego, building our local economy and generating new revenue for the City. – Aggressively support the California Million Solar Roofs Initiative, Senate Bill 1 in Sacramento, which will provide ten years of incentives to help Californians install one million solar energy systems on homes and businesses (and which will provide San Diego with more funds to create incentives for developers to offer solar power on new homes).
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