RWE Schott Solar Creates PV Partnership

RWE Schott Solar (RSS), a manufacturer and distributor of solar modules and systems, plans to develop a network of dealers in New Jersey as the basis for a proposal to the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) Office of Clean Energy’s (OCE) new Renewable Energy and Economic Development (REED) Program. The proposal was accepted and awarded a grant of US$270,354. Implementing the proposal will be a team that includes RSS, Madison Energy consultants, Direct Global Power and other private and public participants.

Rocklin, California – September 16, [] The grant awarded by the BPU will help to defray the costs associated with building awareness of New Jersey’s renewable energy programs among consumers, and will support building and training a dealer infrastructure to sell, service, and install RSS solar electric power systems in New Jersey. The dealership development program will target energy services companies such as Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) businesses and electrical contractors, as well as oil and gas energy concerns that could benefit by adding photovoltaics (PV) to their operations. These programs will ultimately create an economic engine for renewable energy business in the state while furthering New Jersey’s energy independence and environmental goals. “The recent East Coast multi-state power outage underscores the need to develop renewable, sustainable energy sources today,” said Tom Starrs, executive vice president for sales and marketing at RWE Schott Solar. “By taking on a leadership role in supporting and funding the development of sustainable energy programs, New Jersey is demonstrating its true commitment to growing the renewable energy industry throughout the state, building the needed infrastructure and protecting the environment through clean sources of power.” “It was clear to us that in order for New Jersey to reach its energy and environmental goals associated with the increased use of PV in the state, we needed a significant effort to establish the infrastructure to market, install, and support these solar power systems,” said Marc Roper, director of sales for RWE Schott Solar. “RSS is committed to being New Jersey’s leading provider of solar electric power systems, and through this team, the support offered by the state through this grant will help us reach our goals.” “The response to our REED Program has been tremendous, making it possible for us to reach out to more companies, showing how they can contribute to, and benefit from, New Jersey’s renewable energy programs,” said Jeanne M. Fox, president of the BPU. “These first awards under the REED Program are a major step forward in developing New Jersey’s renewable energy resources. I am hopeful these grants will encourage more companies in New Jersey to embrace New Jersey’s goal to develop smart technologies that are good for increasing the state’s energy independence, environment and economy.”
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