RWE Schott Solar Answers German Demand

RWE Schott Solar (RSS) announced they are increasing production of solar photovoltaic (PV) cells at their manufacturing headquarters in Alzenau, Germany. It’s no coincidence this move comes at a time of increasingly high PV demand in the German solar energy market.

Alzenau, Germany – July 19, 2004 [] RSS, reportedly Europe’s largest manufacturer of PV cells is investing a total of 40 million euros (US$49.6 million) to create a capacity far exceeding 40 MW, and thus further strengthen Germany’s production role. “Due to the positive market situation for photovoltaics in Germany, we decided to further expand our production”, said Dr. Winfried Hoffmann, Spokesman for the Board at RSS. Hoffmann said this new production capacity would also result in an expanded range of solar energy modules. “We’re now expanding two further production lines for solar cells in our SmartSolarFab in Alzenau and expect our first output as early as the start of 2005.” RSS said the SmartSolarFab is the largest and latest fully-integrated production line for silicon wafers, solar cells and modules in the world. RSS currently employs around 800 staff – an increase of 160 over the past 12 months, and annual turnover for the 2003 fiscal year amounted to over 123 million euros (US$152 million). Following the planned expansion, the total capacity at RSS – including production at partner companies – will amount to some 100 MW.
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