RoseStreet Announce Update on Multiband PV Technology

RoseStreet Labs Energy Inc. (RSLE) announced that it has completed a laboratory demonstration of the first known multiband photovoltaic device featuring three distinct light absorption regions integrated into a single layer thin film device. The demonstration was done using RSLE’s IBand technology and is the first known intermediate band solar cell reduced to practice in a laboratory demonstration.

The company said that this technology illustrates great promise for high efficiency thin film solar efficiencies above 35% by potentially capturing the full spectrum of the sun’s spectrum. The intermediate band solar cell developed by RSLE, is a thin film technology based on the discovery of highly mismatched alloys.

The technology includes three bandgaps in one junction device has the potential of significantly improved solar light absorption and higher power output than the III-V triple junction compound semiconductor devices that presently hold the world record for solar efficiency.  RSLE’s demonstration device was fabricated on high volume CVD technology, validating the potential for high volume commercialization. 

“Although we are three to four years away from high volume production with the IBand product, this development opens up a new class of semiconductor devices for photovoltaic conversion and other advanced semiconductor applications.  It fits seamlessly with our Hybrid PV commercialization,” said Bob Forcier, CEO of RSLE


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