Roof-Top Solar Project Keeps Growing

One of the world’s largest roof-mounted PV plants is currently under construction on the roof of the new Munich Trade Fair Center. Once completed, an additional 1,000,000 kWh (approx.) of solar energy will be fed into the main supply of Munich’s utilities company, the Stadtwerke München.

Munich, Germany – November 27, 2002 [] 7,560 solar modules from Shell Solar are being installed on an area of 63,000 m2, spread over the six southern halls of the trade fair center, providing a nominal peak output of 1.058 MW. Back in 1997, the first 1 MW plant on the six northern hall roofs of the new Munich trade fair center began feeding current into the network, and the output is now being more than doubled with a further 1.058 MW. The new solar generator will be located on the six southern roofs of the exhibition halls of the Munich fairground, opposite to the other six halls which have been equipped by Shell Solar with a 1 MW PV-generator. This array is still supplying world-record yields, last 12 months show a harvest of 1,059,000 kWh or approximately 510.000 Euros. The new array is expected to be switched to the grid at the end of November. What’s innovative about the new project is the new array with more than 7500 special high-voltage version mono-crystalline laminates (SP140), optimized cabling and Shell Solar’s optimised power-management system including 4 large central inverters with a rotating Master/Slave principle and a customized switchboard/transformer unit combined with software. The peak output, around 2.1 MW, of both plants is sufficient to meet the annual energy requirements of up to 700 private households. In addition, annual emissions of the greenhouse gas – carbon dioxide are reduced the 2,000 tons which would have occurred as a result of energy generation from fossil fuels.
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