Renewable Revolution: Efficiency Ratings High Enough to Warrant Switch

Why should you install solar panels on your home?

There are many reasons for any individual to make the switch to solar panels. Solar panels produce clean energy, are renewable energy, and have become cost effective to install. These reasons form the backbone of what will make solar panels a successful endeavor for the retailer and consumer. It is the kind of relationship that really lays the foundation for a strong product. When purchasing a solar panel you will benefit yourself, our environment and the future of our planet.

Clean Energy

Solar panels produce clean energy and there are no byproducts produced in the collection of solar energy. Therefore solar panels are more addition by subtraction, when you subtract all the negative caused by using fossil fuels, the world will be a cleaner place. This is the same with all types of renewable energies, but solar panels  are the most feasible on the individual scale. The consumer can force an energy revolution by purchasing solar panels. In other renewable energy sources the electric companies will have to make a decision to adapt cleaner sources of energy, this will often raise their costs and therefore raise prices for consumers.

Renewable Energy

As long as we have a sun we will be able to collect solar energy, and convert it to electricity we can use to power our homes. Fossil fuels will eventually run out, we have no way of knowing exactly when, our best guess has us already halfway through the global supply. With fossil fuel consumption always rising we could potentially run out in a little over 15 years. Therefore having a sustainable, more efficient solar panel is crucial to our survival when we completely deplete fossil fuels.

What are solar panels, to your budget?

Solar panels can have a high initial cost, however there are more and more payment plans available along with government incentives for us to install them on our homes. They are currently efficient enough to completely power most homes, and outside of peak energy seasons the electric company will purchase your excess energy. This makes solar panels a great investment, because you will be profiting long after they are paid off.

Your home value will increase after you install solar panels on your roof. A study done at Berkeley has shown that on average the value of your home will increase $5.50 per watt of capacity on your solar array. Using average capacity estimates this can add anywhere from 15,000 to 20,000 to the value of your home. Solar panels are an investment, but are very low risk, you will recoup our investment. The solar panels efficiency directly correlates to how fast you will recoup your investment.

*At  12% expect  10 years to recoup your total solar panel investment, while at 25% you can expect about 3 years until you begin to profit on your solar panel purchase.

Solar panels represent the promise of what our world can become. It is about to time we invest in our planet, so it can continue to deliver us all the amenities it provides.

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