Renewable Energy Solutions at Ohio U Reap Grants

Ohio University has been awarded a $43,500 grant from Cinergy’s Greenhouse Gas Fund, which invests in projects that can help reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to 5 percent below 2000 levels by 2010, and keep them there.

The recipient is the Dairy Lane Eco-House, which showcases and applies leading-edge green technologies designed to specifically conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a sustainable manner. “As an institution of higher learning, Ohio University’s Eco-House presents a tremendous opportunity to promote greater awareness of the need for solutions to the problems created by greenhouse gas emissions among our future leaders,” said John Stowell, Vice President for Federal Legislative Affairs and Sustainability. In addition to the Cinergy grant, the Eco-House also received a grant from the Ohio Department of Development Office of Energy Efficiency to fund the installation of a photovoltaic array and solar thermal system. These systems significantly reduce the Eco-House’s dependence on fossil fuel sources for heat and power in the residence. “We commend Ohio University on their exemplary vision of a green and sustainable world and are pleased to both support and help develop this project,” said Rod Husk, Vice President of Cinergy Solutions, which offers energy solutions ranging from on-site supply and energy conservation to renewable energy.


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