REBA: Corporate renewable energy buyers set new record in 2019

Image by Alexander Droeger from Pixabay
Image by Alexander Droeger from Pixabay

This week the Renewables Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA) released its North American state of the market update to the corporate renewable energy procurement market.  

REBA’s deal tracker shows that 2019 has been a record year for renewable energy procurement with corporate buyers purchasing over 7 GW of renewable energy capacity in U.S. 

In addition, the organization said that 50% of the unique buyers in 2019 were first-time buyers. 

REBA does not disclose the underlying data or analysis methods used to inform the Deal Tracker to ensure confidentiality and equitable services members. The organization says that it tracks new large-scale renewable energy contracts as they are announced. The data reflected in the Deal Tracker is based on publicly available announcements and regulatory filings over the past five years.

More detail in the charts below: Credit: Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance.

All charts are credit: Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance

European Utility Week, which takes place in Paris, France on November 12-14 has an entire program dedicated to C&I buyers. See the lineup here.

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