Realizing the Potential of Solar Thermal

People are waking up to the benefits and “sexiness” of solar-electric systems. But in North America, the solar thermal industry still has a lot of work to do to educate people about the myriad water heating, space heating and cooling technologies available. In this podcast, we’ll have a roundtable discussion about where the U.S. compares with more mature solar thermal markets in Europe and Asia.

We’ll sit down with Ed Murray of Aztec Solar, Chuck Marken of Home Power Magazine and Bob Fisher of EnerWorks to chat about solar thermal technologies, applications, consumer awareness and much more.

Also, Jackie Jones of Renewable Energy World Magazine speaks with Olivier Drüke, President of the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation, about how the rest of Europe can match the impressive growth in the German solar thermal market.

Inside Renewable Energy is a weekly audio news program featuring stories and interviews on all the latest developments in the renewable energy industries.

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