Raytracker GC Single-Axis Solar Tracker

Energy Innovations, Inc. has released its new RayTracker GC, a single-axis, solar tracker for ground-mount and carport-mount applications that could help maximize the energy yield of a photovoltaic (PV) system.

RayTracker supports a wide range of available PV panel types. PV panels mounted on a RayTracker system can yield an up to 38% increase in annual energy production compared to stationary PV panels, according to the company. RayTracker has been approved for up to 85mph (136kph) wind zones and Seismic Zone 4. The product is equipped with features such as a nighttime, 10-degree automatic stow for panel run-off, mechanism obstruction sensing and automatic recovery.

“Installing a tracking PV system vs. a fixed-position system allows customers to realize the greatest amount of energy production from their PV panels, thereby maximizing and speeding up a system’s return on investment,” said Mark Henderson, EVP of the RayTracker business unit at Energy Innovations. “RayTracker gives integrators, and the industry as a whole, an improved option for increasing the efficiency of the systems they’re designing and installing.”

For more information about Raytracker GC, click here.


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