PV: The Biggest Little Energy in the World

Not so long ago, solar PV projects that were tens or hundreds of kilowatts in size were considered enormous. Today, they are dwarfed by multi-megawatt roof and ground-mounted solar farms.

Solar developer Recurrent Energy is on the forefront of this expansion. With 220 MW under development, the company now has the third-largest North American PV contract portfolio behind the vertically-integrated leaders First Solar and SunPower.

Recurrent develops “distributed wholesale generation” projects – rooftop systems that are developed on the utility side of the meter. Arno Harris, CEO of Recurrent, says that the company tries to focus on projects in the 5 to 20 MW range. You know we’ve come a long way when a 5 MW system is on the low side of a company’s development sweet spot. ::continue::

When Harris was general manager of EI Solutions back in 2007, the company developed a 1.6 MW system for Google. At the time, it was the largest commercial PV installation in the U.S. Since then, the projects have just gotten bigger and bigger. This past April, Dow Jones announced that it would host a 4.1 MW PV system on its New Jersey offices. Sorry Google, you aren’t the biggest anymore.

I sat down with Arno Harris at the recent ASES conference in Arizona to talk about Recurrent’s rapidly-expanding portfolio of projects. It’s worth a watch. This is a company you’ll want to keep your eyes on as the distributed wholesale PV sector continues to grow.

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