PV ribbon-attach conductive adhesive from ECM suits Sn, SnAg, Ag

Engineered Conductive Materials LLC launched the DB-1538-2 conductive stringer attach adhesive with reported low bleed on TCOs and a wide operating temperature range.

June 30, 2011 — Photovoltaics assembly materials supplier Engineered Conductive Materials LLC launched the DB-1538-2 conductive stringer attach adhesive for making thin-film, organic, and thinned silicon solar photovoltaic modules.

The adhesive offers low bleed on aluminum zinc oxide (AZO) and other transparent conductive oxides (TCOs), damp heat resistance, and thermal cycling absorption from -40° to +85°C. ECM reports that the DB-1538-2 series shows conductivity stability on tin, tin/silver, and silver-plated ribbons.

The product has an optimized rheology for dispensing. It is available as a one- or two-part adhesive, depending on customer ship/storage requirements. The two-part DB-1538-2 can be meter mixed in 100 to 20 mix ratio by volume.

Engineered Conductive Materials makes conductive stringer attach adhesives, conductive grid inks, and conductive adhesives for back-contact crystalline silicon, thin-film and via fill photovoltaic applications. Engineered Conductive Materials, LLC (ECM) is a wholly-owned company of Engineered Materials Systems, Inc. (EMS). For more information, visit www.conductives.com.

PV cells are joined into clusters by cell stringing. Photovoltaic cell interconnect ribbon, called stringing ribbon, connects individual PV cells to one another in a cluster and delivers current to the bussing ribbon. Read more about stringing and tabbing ribbon in Photovoltaic Module Assembly Using SMT Materials and Processes.

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