PV Powered Releases New Inverters

The new PV Powered 75kW and 100kW inverters are set to be released. The system was designed to save commercial installers time and money with load-rated AC & DC service disconnects. PV Powered commercial inverters offer a voltage window of 295-600VDC.

The new inverters will provide better stringing capability with all PV modules currently available including new thin film modules. PV Powered established design rules and techniques adapted from other industries including aerospace and commercial aviation. The new line features load-rated AC and DC service disconnects, bottom, top and side cable entry, error-free AC auto-phasing and exterior mounting flange for fast and easy anchoring.

“We have made a concerted effort to design long-term reliability into our products,” said Dr. Steve Hummel, vice president of engineering at PV Powered. “Our design strategy is to minimize or eliminate long-term failure points.  Whereas other inverter manufacturers are satisfied with HALT/HASS testing techniques to screen short term failures, these techniques don’t assure a 20-plus year operating life. Our methodology requires reliability data from every component supplier, coupled with extensive testing and modeling, to validate the long-term reliability of our products.”



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