PV Panel Output Found to Increase when Paired with Thermal Power

SolarWall introduced a 700-watt photovoltaic (PV) thermal combination panel, which when tested for several days at the Canadian National Solar Test Facility, showed that it was possible to solve the heat buildup that can raise roof temperatures to 85 degrees C by recovering heat from the photovoltaic (PV) panels.

Tests completed in conjunction with the International Energy Agency Task 35 project have documented that adding a solar thermal component to a PV array boosts the total solar efficiency to over 50%, compared with 10 to 15% efficiency for most PV modules. PV modules from BP Solar, Evergreen and UniSolar were mounted onto a 10 square meter SolarWall panel. The heat from the PV panels captured by the SolarWall perforated sheets was documented to be three times more than the electrical energy generated from the PV modules. “PV companies have been throwing away valuable heat energy,” said John Hollick, inventor of the transpired collector. “By collecting the hot air, the PV panel runs cooler and a solar cogeneration system occurs.”
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