PV Manufacturer Gets New Technology Officer

Bill Yerkes, a expert of photovoltaic (PV) cells, working for the past thirty years in making the PV cells commercially viable, is now the Chief Technology Officer of Solaicx, a developer and manufacturer of crystalline silicon PV materials. Yerkes will aid Solaicx in its quest to make solar a cost-competitor to non-renewable fuel.

Los Gatos, California – August 8, 2003 [SolarAccess.com] According to Solaicx, with Yerke’s leadership, the company plans to capitalize on the new trend of high performance, high-efficiency silicon solar cells via Solaicx’s new PV manufacturing processes and equipment. According to Solaicx, while competitors are forced to rely on re-manufactured semiconductor equipment to fabricate their wafers, Solaicx uses its new furnace technology process that they say is specifically designed to reduce wafer costs for solar manufacturers by 75 percent. “I’ve watched the solar industry move from its adolescent phase in the seventies into what I think of as its more grown-up period,” said Yerkes. “Now, what was once thought of as somewhat romantic, solar energy has become a billion dollar commodity business. The question is who can provide the most efficient manufacturing process, and Solaicx’s approach represents the future for PV technology.” Over the course of his career, Yerkes was responsible at Spectrolab, a Division of Textron for developing the solar array left behind on the moon by Apollo 11, pulse solar simulators and xenon “Night Sun” searchlights for helicopters. After Spectrolab, Yerkes founded what became ARCO Solar; and within six years, according to Robert Ford, CEO of Solaicx, Yerkes grew the company into the largest photovoltaic manufacturer in the world. Ford said that Yerkes “knows what it takes to propel solar electricity from a sound environmental choice to a profitable business.”
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