PV inverter – the key part of distributed generation development

Recently, the government has published Notice about the reporting of large-scale applications of distributed photovoltaic power generation demonstration area, which has inferred that distributed generation will get great-scale development and application in the future.


Distributed generation is a new power and energy comprehensive utilization with broad development prospects. It promotes the principle of nearby power generation, nearby grid inverter nearby conversion and nearby use. This way can not only improve the power capacity, but also solve the consumption problem during the boost and long-distance transport. However, distributed generation has raised strict requirement of how to maximize the solar power capacity and how to ensure the grid safety. The functionality and stability of the PV inverter have also become the key parts.


Distributed generation way raised three key requests for solar inverter. The first one is whether can really achieve to improve the power capacity of the plant with same scale. The second one is whether can get the effectively supporting grid. The supporting capacity is the grid-friendly ability to manage power, adjust active and reactive power and anti – interference. The last one is whether can form the ability to effectively and intelligently monitor a number of inverters throughout the distributed power station.


Therefore, the PV inverter application will directly influence whether a distributed PV plant can operate stable and efficiently. Although the Chinese PV distributed power has been in its initial stage, the development of the PV inverter has been relatively mature. For example, the Omnik New Energy from Suzhou, the Omniksol-2k-TL R&D independent of Omnik has ranked first of European efficiency, which has functional stability and has reached the leading place all over the world.


It is expected that under the encourage and pushing of the positive policy, Chinese pv inverter manufacturers can continue to insist on quality management and technology innovation to make the key part in distributed generation, solar inverter, become more and more stable.

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