PV Company joint with the coal enterprises to seek new development

Recently, a Chinese coal company joins with the LDK Company to establish the Pingding Mountain Yicheng New Energy Company, which will promote the development of the Chinese PV inverter industry. Now, the PV industry suffered in the low ebb has become the entry point for the coal enterprises.


Under the home and abroad beset difficulties, most PV enterprises has suffered sharp decline in performance and have to respond to the dilemma by cutting down staff and reducing production. Therefore, the investment of the coal company to PV industry is an gamble, which may face huge potential risk. But meanwhile, it is also committed to be the best timing to settle in the PV solar inverter industry. The analyst said that the acquisition cost of PV company is lower, which no doubt is a benefit for the coal company also suffered in a cold winter. Besides, the Country has also been working on encouraging the PV industry back to domestic market and published many supporting policies. This creates a excellent policy environment and considerable market prospects.


Besides betting on the potential of the PV industry, the other reason for joint with PV industry is that the coal industry has also been in a cold winter, by the long time mining, the present coal has far less than before. For coal company to consume the malpractice of the traditional energy by diversification development, PV inverter and other clean energy is the inevitable trend to replace the traditional coal industry.


However, even so, there are still coal companies staying calm and cautious. These coal enterprises still hope to do well in the present industry and no intension to get involved in the PV industry.

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