Proposed Solar Energy Agreement Could Save San Diego Millions

Council member Donna Frye announced a proposed solar energy agreement between the City of San Diego and Sun Edison SD LLC to provide approximately 5 MW of photovoltaic (PV) systems at city-owned facilities. The PV systems, to be installed, owned, operated and maintained by Sun Edison SD LLC, will save the city millions of dollars in capital costs.

“In this fiscal crisis, we are always looking for innovative ways to save money,” stated Council member Frye. “This project is exciting because it not only saves the city money, but it also saves energy, improves the local economy, reduces global warming and moves our city towards energy independence.” The Alvarado Filtration Plant would be the first project, with an estimated savings in energy costs of over $700,000 over 20 years and enough electricity to power approximately 500 homes in energy costs. “As energy costs climb higher and higher, it is our responsibility to find more cost- effective ways to power city-owned facilities,” said Mayor Sanders. “I would like to thank Council member Frye for her leadership on this issue and I look forward to working with her to provide our city with clean energy as well as saving taxpayer dollars.” The power purchase agreement (PPA) is expected to be approved by the City Council on Monday and is part of Frye’s long-standing efforts to make San Diego a more energy-efficient city. In 2004, the City Council adopted a 50-megawatt renewable energy goal for the city and Frye is committed to making that goal a reality.
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