PowerLight, ThinkEnergy, Toyota Install Solar Rooftop

PowerLight Corporation will soon install the largest commercial solar rooftop electric system in North America at Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. headquarters in Torrance, California.

Torrance, California – September 18, 2002 [SolarAccess.com] The 501 kW solar system, which can generate enough electricity in the daytime to power more than 500 homes, will be installed this Fall at Toyota’s South Campus expansion project. “Environmental stewardship and energy improvements are at the heart of Toyota’s operation,” said Sanford Smith, TMS Corporate Manager of Real Estate and Facilities. “Generation of solar electricity is very consistent with Toyota’s commitment to continuously improving every aspect of our company’s operations.” By investing in onsite solar generation, Toyota will be able to integrate solar electricity into its energy mix, lower its operating costs, as well as reduce its purchase of expensive peak electricity. In addition, this reduces the overall load on the utility grid during peak usage hours those times when electricity prices are highest, and the grid is most vulnerable to blackouts. “We are extremely pleased to see Toyota join the growing roster of leading companies that are realizing the benefits of deploying clean, reliable and cost-effective solar power,” said PowerLight President Daniel Shugar. “With this solar installation, Toyota is further distinguishing itself as a leader, deploying technology innovations that are critical to achieving a sustainable energy future.” Think Energy, Inc. of Maryland brought Toyota and PowerLight together to initiate this project. When Toyota expressed an interest in Renewable Energy, Think Energy helped them identify their needs, explore the market and develop a solution with PowerLight. It is estimated that over the 25-year lifetime of Toyota¹s new solar electric system, the solar generated electricity will reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides by 10,250 lbs. and carbon dioxide by 12,300 tons. The PowerLight solar system covers 52,000 square feet of Toyota¹s South Campus expansion, and features 3,300 solar electric tiles. PowerLight’s PowerGuard roof system was selected as the best solar electric technology application for Toyota Motor Sales’ expansive flat roof space; it’s a patented, lightweight photovoltaic roofing assembly that delivers clean solar electricity to the building while protecting the roof from damaging effects of weather and UV radiation. Additionally, the tiles provide added thermal insulation benefits to the building.
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