PowerLight Installs 100 kW Solar Array at Auto Club

The Automobile Club of Southern California has installed 1,534 solar panels on part of its headquarters complex as part of an ongoing effort to reduce energy dependency. The 100 kW system, that will provide 10 percent of the complex’s electrical needs, was designed and installed by PowerLight Inc. of Berkeley, California.

Los Angeles, California – May 2, 2003 [SolarAccess.com] “During the past two years, the Auto Club has implemented a company-wide program to reduce energy use, and the solar panels at headquarters are the latest element in that program,” said Administrative Vice President Jeff Prokop. “We wanted to reduce our energy use and do it in a way that was clean and simple to maintain. The panels cost about US$1 million, and two-thirds of the cost was returned in the form of rebates from the DWP.” In addition to the solar panels, the Auto Club’s energy reduction program included retrofitting light fixtures with low energy bulbs, upgrading motors and adding variable speed drives to equipment and modifying office procedures, including adding motion sensing lighting in common rooms, presetting all facility thermostats to consistent temperature levels and educating and providing incentives to local offices and employees to conserve. Since the start of this program, the Auto Club has reduced overall energy consumption by about 15 percent or 6.6 MW. “We salute the Auto Club’s environmental leadership,” said PowerLight President Dan Shugar. “By adopting clean, reliable, sustainable solar power, the Auto Club is demonstrating an environmentally responsible approach to energy management, and a genuine commitment lowering operating costs.”
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