Proinso Awarded 3.2 MW of Solar Contracts in Greece

Proinso has been awarded the supply of various solar photovoltaic farms in Greece which will all together amount to more than 3.2 megawatts (MW) of installed capacity. Proinso, part of Grupo OPDE, said that the first distribution agreements have been signed with the company Adiva Hellas for several photovoltaic solar farms located on the island of Crete and include the supply of 900 kilowatts (kW) of SMA modules and inverters.

Proinso has also signed several contracts to supply one hundred and thirty-nine 2-axis Mecasolar trackers- manufactured in the company’s factory in Thessaloniki, for different 80 kW installations on the Greek island and of which to date 89 have been supplied.

The company has also been selected to supply trackers for a solar farm located in the Pella prefecture to the north of the country (region of Central Macedonia). For this project, Proinso has signed a distribution agreement with a local company REW Hellas which involves the supply of 1.77 megawatts (MW) of Trina modules and SMA SMC11000TL model inverters.
The Greek solar market in 2010 is expected to be close to 45 MW, of which Proinso expects to supply 15% of the total. With orders exceeding 3.2 MW already closed, Proinso have already have already obtained a rate of more than 7% of this market.

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