Plextronics Opens Solar Development Line

Plextronics Inc. announced that is has officially opened the company’s first solar ink manufacturing development line (D-Line) in Pennsylvania this week.

The D-Line is a small-scale manufacturing facility that will print solar demonstration modules for the purpose of developing the company’s printable solar inks using commercially relevant manufacturing techniques. The modular design of the line will also permit the company to evaluate new processes that will maximize the performance of those inks.

“This line is focused on stimulating broad market commercialization of our innovative ink systems,” said Andy Hannah, Plextronics’ president and CEO. “Sometimes, especially in an emerging market like printed electronics, a company must be willing to take the initial steps to demonstrate to the marketplace what’s possible with new technology. That’s what the D-Line does. It allows customers and partners to witness what can be accomplished with the ink and process technology that’s developed right here at Plextronics.”

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