Plextronics Launches Solar Cell Ink System for Research

Plextronics Inc. has introduced an ink system for organic solar photovoltaic (PV) cell fabrication. The company is releasing two versions of its Plexcore PV ink system for use in research applications. Plextronics is already scheduled to fill multiple orders for Plexcore ink by the end of June.

The system consists of two inks custom-designed to work together. The first is a photoactive ink and the second is a hole transport ink that are both solution-processable. Next generations of Plexcore ink systems may be designed for printing in pilot and early manufacturing lines, enabling further advances toward commercial production, according to the company.

Troy Hammond, Plextronics’ VP of products said that this is the first time the company has offered its organic photovoltaic (PV) product for sale.

“We began our solar cell development program about two years ago, and we are proud to introduce these initial ink systems as early results of our efforts,” Hammond said. “What makes this particularly exciting is that these initial products will allow us to work closely with researchers and commercial partners around the world to push development of organic photovoltaics even further.”

For more information about the Plexcore PV system, click here.

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