Plexcore PV Development for Organic Solar Cells Gains Funds

The Pennsylvania NanoMaterials Commercialization Center has awarded Plextronics with a $340,500 grant to focus on the continued development of the company’s Plexcore PV active layer technology for organic solar cells.

Plexcore PV is a new generation of polymer-based semi-conductive inks that increase solar conversion efficiency, while extending the lifetime of the device. “The primary commercialization challenge for organic solar cell technology is achieving the required combination of operating efficiency and device lifetime. Nanotechnology is the key to success,” said Dr. Alan Brown, executive director of the Center. “The ability to control polymer design at the nano-scale enables Plexcore inks to be formulated with application-specific properties. In this initiative, the application is organic solar cells. But, the results will have impact on multiple industries and applications.” New thin film technologies, including organic solar cells, hold the promise of being low-cost and will enable new market opportunities that have not previously utilized alternative energy sources, such as mobile devices. The Pennsylvania NanoMaterials Commercialization Center provides assistance and funding to promising nanomaterials research that offers a well-defined defense or commercial application.
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