Photowatt Lowers Solar PV Cell Tolerance

October 9, 2003 [] France-based Photowatt has announced that many of their photovoltaic (PV) cells are exhibiting an average tolerance of + / – 3 percent. The company contends that numerous PV manufacturer’s cells have higher tolerances ranging between five and ten percent. This means that a module with an advertised output of 100 watts might be generating between 97 and 103 watts. PhotoWatt said that by lowering the tolerance on their cells, customers can be sure to get a more accurate amount of power for what they pay for. This improvement concerns the 6 inch cells type modules PW6-123 ;PW6-110 as well as the PW1650 (155Wp, 165Wp and 175Wp) made with 5 inch cells. The PW1250 (115Wp, 125Wp and 135Wp) also part of the 5 inch cells range, benefits from a new +/- 5 watts. In other company news, Photowatt has secured a new partnership with the Belgian Company Droben Sprl which specializes in PV and solar thermal modules.
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