Photovoltaic inverter or the PV inverter manufacturer

Photovoltaic inverter(Abbreviation:PV inverter), can transfer the DC power generated by the sun into AC power.
And it can feed the electric energy produced by solar test to utility power, which can be provided to own using power or the public power.

At present, the production of PV modules in China has ranked first in the world and the market share is over 38%, in which More than 90% modules have been exported overseas and installed for photovoltaic power used for connected into grid. As one of the cores in the Photovoltaic (PV) grid application, the development of module products in China is very completely now. While one of the other cores of PV industry: inverter still has a great disparity with foreign advanced technology.

Omniksol solar inverter ranked on the innovative and high technology products list, it signs that Omniksol PV inverter has reached the advanced level domestically in the application technology, what’s more, our R&D(Research and development) and testing ability has also all-round displayed. Omnik is totally capable of simulating various standardized testing in the lab which provide a reliable guarantee for our volume production.

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