Photovoltaic industry should focus on research and develop area instead of production stage

Export trade should not be the main goal of the Strategic emerging pv inverter industries. To promote the emerging industry, the government should invest most of their investment on R&D field instead of production stage. To achieve a breakthrough on the research and develop of smart grid and solve the technological obstacle of solar power, it will have feasibility to make use of the clean energy provided by nature. The whole industry will really enter a high increasing stage after the consuming market forms.


After a new industry has positioned clearly, the industry should achieve by the development of new products. It needs large-scale investment on the research and development of technology. The second step is to push the use and solar inverter market consumption. The third step is to expand production. Only when the consuming market has formed, expand production has the effect on achieving the maximum profit, which the industry can truly enter the growing stage. The government subsidy can serve its purpose.


Meanwhile, the government development fund or the consuming subsidy change the development way of emerging industry relying on investment to expand production and to promote the fundamental change of development way by energy-saving consumer. For this significance, the change of the emerging industry ways plays an important role in pv inverter economy development.


If the emerging industry succeeds change, the solar power electricity will used in the Northwest China Gobi Desert. The Chinese clean energy strategy and economic sustainable development will reach a new high stage. For the large-scale private funds and investors, to invest in the emerging industry is no more a conceptive speculative behavior but a rational investment which can get benefit.

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